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Focus On Dance seeks to give your child a happy environment where they will learn so much more than dancing. We help to give them a sense of belonging to a group and a dance family, as well as build their self-confidence. They will develop a level of self-discipline and respectfulness for their Teachers, classmates and fellow students. They will find encouragement and praise and a genuine love of dance as they progress through the levels in each dance genre. At Focus On Dance, we love to dance and we want that to show in our performances with the smiles of our students, as they show you all that they love it too.

Ballet Dancing in Australia
Ballet Dancing in Australia
Ballet Dancing in Australia

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Imagine Me

This is a unique syllabus designed by dance educators to cater the 2-5 year old age group. It involves movement, mim, music, magic, make-believe and much more.


This is the traditional form of dance developed through the grades, building on technique and knowledge.


A high energy form of dance to modern music. The students learn all aspects of Jazz – funk, hip hop, lyrical and more.


Tap makes noise !!!! Tap is much more than stamping your feet to music. It begins in Test 1 and advances through the grades.


A genre developed from ballet. It is a more grounded form of dance and seems freer than ballet.



Does your child love to cartwheel and handstand everywhere? Acro is for them. Acro is a class that compliements every genre of dance.

Hip Hop

Boys Class

A class just for the boys! these classes include acro, Jazz moves and a little bit of ballet for acting.


Eisteddfod Team

We have a Minis Group, a Junior Group and a Senior Group. These students compete in a number of eisteddfods during the year as a group and with solos and duos.

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